Military Families Seeking Assistance

Are you a military service member or drilling reservist seeking assistance from NEOPAT? You’ve come to the right place. If you currently live or serve in the 20-county area shown below and have an emergency financial need, you are eligible for assistance.


Military service members or drilling reservists seeking emergency financial assistance can request support by clicking on the Request Assistance link below.  Veterans with a DD214 may contact their local county Veteran Service Commission.



NEOPAT is passionate about serving our local military service members and their families. We donated over $100,000 in 2018.  We have a desire to assist further, however we have reached this quarter’s budget for charitable donations.  Please check back after October 1, 2019 for additional opportunities.  

For questions or concerns, contact Jack Newman at 216-403-7549 or via E-mail at:


Request Assistance


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Additional programs you may be eligible for:

During the holiday season, your family can be sponsored or “adopted” by members and supporters of our organization to receive gifts and donations for parents, guardians, and children.

Adopt-A-Military Family