Giving Tuesday 2016: Our Mission to Help Build a Home for Ryan Foote

On this global day of giving back, one of the best ways to get involved is in your community. At NEOPAT, assisting local military families in Northeast Ohio, in any way that we can, is our mission. We wouldn’t have been able to assist over 8,000 families thus far without your support!

This year, join the NEOPAT Movement and Purple Heart Homes to improve a veteran’s life. It is our mission to honor U.S. Army Sergeant, Ryan Foote, with a new and improved home.

Ryan served in the U.S. Military from 2003-2007. In 2005, Ryan arrived in Iraq, where his duty was to provide security to the Iraqi people during their hostile election season. The sounds of exploding IED’s and mortar rounds were heard daily. Ryan became very used to the desert while patrolling roads and checkpoints for buried IED’s and additional weapons. At the end of his first year serving in Iraq, Ryan learned his unit was being extended to Baghdad, where he served an additional four months. While providing security in Baghdad, Ryan was knocked to the ground when an IED exploded near him and the next day, an IED killed the unit’s medic. Ryan thinks about all of the men his unit lost on a daily basis.

Thank you for your service, Ryan, and for the sacrifices you’ve made for our country. We want to welcome you home the right way!

This Giving Tuesday, you have the opportunity to provide a new home for a veteran, like we did for Leo Robinson last year. Please be on the lookout for a Giving Tuesday email, where you’ll be able to donate or visit our DONATE  page. We thank you for your support, time, and donations!

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