Local Military Holiday Parties

Every holiday season, we make it our mission to cover all costs of military holiday parties in the 20-county area in which we serve. We were so proud to be able to do it once again this year, in order to give companies and centers a chance to enjoy the holiday season with friends and families. Happy Holidays, everyone! Here are just some of the kind things they had to say about our help:

“Thank you for your generous donation of money for our family holiday party and F.R.G. needs. Our holiday celebration was a huge success . Your contribution is greatly appreciated by our soldiers and their families.” -192nd F.R.G.

“On behalf of the Northeast Ohio midshipmen and cadets of the U.S. Military Academies, I thank you for your generous support of the 2015 All Academy Military Ball. NEOPAT’s sponsorship allows these young women and men to be thanked for their service to the United States of America. Thank you for recognizing the sacrifices these midshipmen, cadets, and their families will be making over the coming years.” -Northeast Ohio Naval Academy Parents Club

Below, are photos shared with us from the Steubenville, Canton, and Wooster Centers:

canton steubenville center wooster

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