The Branham Family

During a time when fond family memories were to begin, Staff Sergeant Kyle Branham and his wife and daughter found themselves in a different position. Upon buying their first home in Akron, Ohio in 2016, problems began that Kyle nor his wife could imagine possible.

An inspection was completed on this home and sold by a credited realtor, so when the Branham family noticed an addition built on the house before they moved in, they didn’t think much of it. Ninety days into moving into their first home, water began backing up in every place that it could. Kyle immediately contacted plumbing services and what would be found from the plumbers was incredibly frightening. The plumbers had discovered that the septic tank of the home was located beneath the living room floor, and all were left confused as to who would authorize permission for this. The only solution was to cut up the Branham’s new carpeting and begin digging for answers. The Branham’s are currently living in messy conditions, to say the least, and are not able to afford a hotel to stay in while the problem is being fixed. No family buying their first home should ever experience such major setbacks.

Kyle, who is a Staff Sergeant Army Recruiter out of Canton, makes his living by recruiting high school students in the community into defending our country. He is a dedicated young man who works hard to make our country a better one. It is our mission at NEOPAT to assist Kyle and his family by raising the funds to purchase a new septic tank for his home, as well as make sure that any other issues caused by shady workmanship and improper inspections are taken care of.

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