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NEOPAT is proud to support the Modern Warrior Live Experience. “Modern Warrior” is an autobiographical music drama of a soldier’s journey co-created by Staff Sergeant Jaymes Poling & artist Dominick Farinacci. Our mission is to build bridges between veteran and civilian communities through live performances, collaborative workshops, and panel discussions, in order to inform, entertain and inspire, while de-stigmatizing veterans.

Now, you too can partake in the Modern Warrior Live Experience by sharing your story with Jaymes and Dominic personally along with professional writers and musicians.  You will have the opportunity to speak your scripted narrative on stage with the background vocalists and musicians in a Broadway level theatrical experience.

This unique participation has no ulterior motives but to inspire post-traumatic growth for you and the veteran community.  It allows you to express your thoughts and feelings in a private setting while transferring your personal story to a professionally written script, narrated to powerful music and vocals so that you may express your story in an intimate setting for your immediate family and friends.

Fill out this survey and let us know if you’re interested in learning more and how else we may be of support.

For more information, contact:
Jack Newman
Executive Director


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100% of proceeds support local veteran collaborations, empowering them to share their stories through Modern Warrior LIVE, a Cleveland-based registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Learn more at


Thank you for your support!

“Modern Warrior Live reminds veterans they are not victims, and that they can use their experiences to grow and make significant contributions to society.”

– Anthony Principi
Combat Veteran & Secretary of Veterans Affairs