Purple Heart Homes Builds Veteran Leo Robinson New Home

FullSizeRender1Compelled to help his country after the tragedies of 9/11, Leo Robinson enlisted in the U.S. Marines. The military was a family affair with the Robinson’s.

After enlisting and completing basic training at Parris Island, Leo was deployed first to Al Ramadi, Iraq and then to Helmand, Afghanistan. To this day, he can’t talk about what happened to him while he was there. For three years, he has tried with his therapist, to learn more of his own personal war story. For now, it remains a secret, locked inside Leo himself. Whatever happened, his health was seriously impacted and he returned home to Ohio.

Leo deals with unstable emotions everyday. The hardest anguish to deal with is to wake up and get out of bed. He used to be an avid sportsman. He played football as a middle linebacker and wide receiver. His interest in sports is slowly coming back.

One loyal companion is Kota, Leo’s beloved black English lab that is being trained to be his service dog. They became fast friends over the past year.

Purple Heart Homes had found a foreclosed home from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank that has now been renovated to meet Leo’s needs.

In learning of his new home, Leo said, “This home will mean the world to me. I need a place that is mine and accessible.” He is most looking forward to hanging personal things on the walls that have meaning to him. He will now have a real home that will enable him to see his children more often.

It has been our true honor and privilege to work with an organization like Purple Heart Homes and we can’t wait to continue to partner with them in the future to find more homes for our veterans.

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