The Ancona Family

Chad Ancona is a war veteran from Wadsworth, Ohio, deployed twice. First to Iraq, then to Afghanistan. While deployed he was an 11B Infantryman and motor section leader. Chad made the decision to leave the military after he suffered injuries and began working for the Union in Ohio upon his return home. While working at his new pipeline job, a tree fell on him, nearly killing him. His rating from the VA states he cannot work and he is currently unemployable.

Chad is now paralyzed from the waist down. Thankfully, worker’s compensation is covering all work injuries, however the VA could not help because his injury was non-service related. Chad is an avid outdoorsman and was having issues with not being able to do anything for himself or be there for his kids like he wanted to. NEOPAT stepped in to purchase Chad Ancona a track chair upon hearing the family’s story from Chad’s wife, Ranee. This track chair now allows Chad to go outside and play with his kids, go cheer them on at their outdoor sports games, and much more. The video above puts a smile on our face knowing that the Ancona Family have to worry just a little less about Chad’s mobility and well-being.

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